There is a lot to experience in this world, and any experience brings stories to tell. So whether it is a tale of love and loss, triumph and failure, or bright prospects,

I am here to tell it. Topics can range from commentary on our society today to personal issues that individuals would like help with, anonymously or not. 


This site serves to be an open and safe discussion place for anyone who wishes to be a part of it.

What do you hope to leave behind? 

What would you change looking back? 

What do you hope to teach someone? 

What and who motivates you? 

How do you never give up? 

Tell your story, make your history. 


Work Experience


2019 - Today

Assisting with: Creating a positive customer experience, maintaining proper stock inventory and organization, and upholding excellent Store Presentation. Product experiences provided me background for work with specialty diets (medical, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, keto, local or organic, etc. ) and supplements including: herbal remedies, including CBD and Hemp products, a range of homeopathics and essential oils, and vitamins and Micronutrients.


2018 - 2019

Handled receptional duties for the College of the Coast and Environment's Dean’s Office, including file organization and management, and conducted other general tasks to help keep the office running smoothly, such as:  advertising/brochure design, event planning, and mail up-keeping. Also worked on taking samples, studying, and identifying catfish traits on both reproductive and cellular levels to see their interaction with the Louisiana Coastline, with a goal to figure out why are there so many Catfish in Louisiana, because they have been thriving in an unstable environment.



Organized, retrieved and updated MSDS’  (Safety/Product handling documents) for a Paint Company.  Also conducted media outreach to our business partners for data or document collection. Preformed measurements for use with Environmental Regulatory Compliance Assessments. Office-upkeep duties conducted as well for the Safety Department.

Basic Fivver Package for

Writing and Design Demands:

  • articles/ general content

    • journals, news, scientific, etc.


  • drawing, mixed media, painting

  • digital designs (limited w/o Adobe at the moment)

Guitar riff writing ( limited recording, but view my Soundcloud for an example).



2022 / MAY

The University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

I will graduate in May of 2022 with a BS in Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies. I plan on persuing an Internship for a media company in the Summer of 2021.

2019 / MAY

Louisiana State University

Tackled a BS in Applied Coastal Environmental Sciences with a Music Minor. I took many Science/ Business classes and conducted research.  Furthered my interest in the media field through media-based and verbal/ written communication- intensive classes. 


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